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The Sonic Memes BIO

'SONIK'  is a Canadian pop-rock vocalist, songwriter and performer whose influences include Bruno Mars, Adam Lambert's Queen, and Imagine Dragons. 

Previously a member of Motive Force (Band) 'SONIK' moved on to create his own solo project 'The Sonic Memes' - a 4-piece vintage pop-rock group that uses modern movie sound-track sounds. 'The Sonic Memes' mainly writes driving up-tempo rock songs with fun, positive, and uplifting lyrics - they also do the odd love song. 

The new single 'Back Home In Ontario' is an epic hyper-rock sound-track that hits a grooving acoustic middle-section. "It was such a massive amount of work for me to do because in the early stages of production I had struggled really hard to get the producers to see the vision I had for the song" says 'SONIK' - "After a rollercoaster ride of hope, failure, self belief and - finally, realization - it's now ready to blow peoples minds!" says his producer 'mPHATic'

'SONIK' has performed several tours in Canada as well as one self-managed international tour of the southern United States. With the aim to reach European markets by 2024, he continues to write, produce & release better songs for his audience. 'Back Home In Ontario' represents a solid foothold in his career as he works towards a follow-up single 'Reach The Top' aimed for the top-of-the-rock music charts for the months to follow. "Hopefully this pandemic is over soon because 'The Sonic Memes' have a summer tour planned in 2022 for our fans"

"Ontario is such a fun place to live and we need to keep it that way after all these lockdowns! I hope that people enjoy the hard work that I've put into 'Back Home In Ontario' as much as I love life here in Canada" ~ SONIK

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